Angel Whispers By Christine Haworth

Angel Whispers

Introduced in 2003 in the form of collectable figurines, decoupage, lazer art blocks, collectors plates, gift bags and boxes. This unique range brings the angelic realms to you with ethereal costume design, exquisitely decorated feathered wings and truly beautiful faces. Each angel brings her inspirational message to you written by Christine.

Core Values

Ethereal, angelic, exquisite, detailed and inspired.

What makes this brand so special?

Incredibly detailed, meticulous artwork. The most beautiful angels ever produced. Superb range of design for both traditional and contempory use.

Target Markets

Adult collectors. Gifts from Adults to children aged 4 - 16 years.

Product Categories

Giftware, stationery, fabrics and gardening, buying public in general


Current licensees include H.G.Lesser & R.F.Pavey (Importers) Ltd, Jalekro BV & Graphic World Ltd.

Angel Whispers

This artwork has seen tremendous growth in retail sales.


Angel Whispers Collection Artwork By Christine Haworth