Dream Tide By Christine Haworth

Dream Tide

This wonderfully imaginative series is based on the deep sea world of mermaids and sea sprites. They were introduced into the market in 2001 as a range of collectable figurines and decoupage. Never has such an incredible series on this subject been created.

Core Values

Imaginative, magical, beautiful, exquisite and detailed.

What makes this brand so special?

Incredibly detailed and superbly executed artwork. Totally unique series- nothing quite like it in the world.

Target Markets

Adult collectors. Parents as gift givers to children for the age of 4 and over.

Product Categories

Clothing, giftware, homewares, stationary, fabric, greeting cards and lifestyle.


Current licensees include Jalekro BV & Fiesta Collectables.


Dream Tide Collection Artwork By Christine Haworth