Winter Paintbox Poppets By Christine Haworth

Winter Paintbox Poppets

First produced in greeting cards format and collectors plates in 1993. Collector's figurines were produced in 1995 and took the UK gift industry by storm. Many other licensed products followed both in the collectable market, lifestyle and homewares sectors. Never has the innocence of childhood been so perfectly captured in such imaginative detail.

Virtually every home in the UK has a Paintbox Poppet™ design in some form.

Core Values

Timeless, poignant, delightful, detailed, exquisite and appealing.

What makes this brand so special?

Large portfolio with breadth of design. Incredibly detailed artwork in Christine's unique style.

The most expressive faces you will ever see. Timeless inspirational designs for both contempory and traditional markets.

Target Markets

Adults and children of all ages.

Product Categories

Collectables, giftware, homewares, stationery, crafts, clothing and greeting cards.


Current licensees include Jalekro BV, Fiesta Collectables, Verachtert N.V.

Winter Paintbox Poppets

This artwork has generated approximately £20 million in retail sales.


Winter Paintbox Poppets Collection Artwork By Christine Haworth