Faerie Poppets By Christine Haworth

Faerie Poppets

Following on from the tremendous success of Paintbox Poppets™, Faerie Poppets™ were introduced in the year 2000 in the form of greeting cards and other giftware. Never have faeries been so magically interpreted. The designs take faeries to a new level of excellence while retaining their incredible beauty and detail. These are the definitive archetypal faerie.

Core Values

Timeless, exquisite, ethereal, decorative, magical, breathtaking.

What makes this brand so special?

Timeless, exquisite, ethereal, decorative, magical, breathtaking.

Target Markets

Adult collectors. Parents buying gifts for children aged 4 - 16. Product categories: collectables, giftware, homewares, stationery, crafts, clothing, fine are prints and greeting cards.


Current licensees include H.G.Lesser & R.F.Pavey (Importers) Ltd, Jalekro BV, Fiesta Collectables, Graphic World Ltd & Verachtert N.V. and Express Rubber Stamp Services Ltd.

Faerie Poppets

This artwork has generated approximately £8 million in retail sales.


Faerie Poppets Collection Artwork By Christine Haworth