If you are unsure about licensing
please read the following:

Christine Haworth Designs solely licenses the artwork of Christine Haworth into merchandised products. As a company we approach manufacturers in Europe and the rest of the world who are interested featuring the intellectual property on suitable products.

Once a manufacturer accepts that the artwork could be successfully used on their product range, then a licensing agreement is entered into with the manufacturer. This grants them the license to utilise the intellectual property and trade marks on their products. The agreement contains the following terms and conditions:

1. Period of License: The license will normally be granted for a three year period depending on the life cycle of the product. It maybe renewable by mutual agreement between Christine Haworth Designs and the manufacturer.

2. Territory: The territories would be discussed with the manufacturer and mutually agreed to the benefit of both parties.

3. Royalty Rate: Manufacturers will pay Christine Haworth Designs a royalty calculated upon their net sales of the licensed product. The royalty rate would be discussed and mutually agreed upon by both parties.

4. Product Development: Christine Haworth Designs will assist the manufacturer in ensuring that all licensed products capture the unique style and quality of the intellectual property. Product development reviews will be discussed and agreed between both parties.

5. Accounting: Royalties are normally accounted quarterly. A sales report is to be submitted to Christine Haworth Designs which list the sales of each product within a licensed range of products. The amount of net sales upon which the royalty is then calculated. The license agreement also provides that Christine Haworth Designs has the right to inspect the books and records of account in order to verify the accuracy of the royalty report.

6. Advance Royalty: In all instances an advance royalty is payable upon signature of the license agreement. Which is on account of the royalties that the manufacturer will pay during the period of the license. The amount payable will be discussed and agreed by both parties.

8. Expiry of License: To be mutually decided by both parties before entering into the licensing agreement.

9. More Information: For more information, please Contact Us.